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"Life is just one big carnival. I am however stuck in the scary house."

American Screams

A new book by Tally Harbour

It’s not very pleasant to scream. Unless, of course, one screams with the vicarious satisfaction of terror and humor.


Within these 13 tales, you will meet some very scary people with some very strange personalities, obsessions, and sexual hang-ups that result in dire consequences for those involved. Add a sense of the ridiculous, since a sense of the ridiculous usually shadows horror, and you might find yourself chuckling as well.


So dive in, good reader. And scream.

American Screams is available in eBook and paperback from Untreed Reads

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Strange People,

Scary People


"The figure remained quiet and motionless. It simply stood there, barely perceptible in the wet darkness. And there was a horrible stench. Then lightning lit up the sky. It only illuminated the night for a second. But even that second of light was enough for Sylvia to see the nature of her visitor. And she screamed.

For he had finally come for her. Come to claim his own. It had taken over half a year to float across the Atlantic, but he had, at long last, definitely arrived. The smell was suffocating. He was rotten. His flesh hung in tatters. And he was grotesquely bloated with seawater. He was naked. And although some of it had rotted away, there was still enough of a dick to present an erection."


My name is Tally Harbour. Welcome to my realm. The preceding was taken from my book Strange People, Scary People. If you liked reading that little except, you might like reading the whole thing. You will discover all kinds of strange and scary individuals and entities there, including a lovely person who loves to terrify little children with scary stories, an unwholesome old man who likes to breed creatures that are even more unwholesome than himself, two greedy undertakers who just love to 'respect' the dead, a strange young man who becomes very disturbed around pregnant people, and many more characters just as strange and scary as the ones I mentioned. You can meet all of these aberrant people real cheaply too-- for only about $5--and to bring them inside of your mind, just click on the link provided. I appreciate it.

Now please let me share more of my world with you with some photos taken just for you:

Thank you very much for visiting with me at my site.

Pax vobiscum

Published by Untreed Reads publishing.


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Battle Recreations

Nothing blasphemes and retards man's ascent to wherever he is going more than war. Nevertheless, I still like to paint model soldiers and recreate the scenes of famous battles. The good thing about these battles is that these little participants don't actually bleed and die.

Strange People, Scary
People: The Song

Strange People Scary PeopleTally Harbour
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This song is about, as the title suggests, strange and scary people, or entities. If you listen to it, you might discover you have a bit of a strange and scary side to yourself. Then, you might be inspired to read the book of the same name. Strange People Scary People,by Tally Harbour is now available.

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